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Thanks to all the different water activities that we suggest to children and adults in our school, everybody learn to love and respect the sea, to live fully all the details of this extraordinary habitat. Supervised diving and snorkeling, free equipment trials, underwater experiences for who wants to
feel how to fly into the blue water, underwater courses from Dive master level to Instructor level for beginners and experts yearly organized with NADD and HSA for who wants to make a job out of the scuba diving activity. We also do trips with the rubber dinghy and we for who likes to tour the coast and let himself into the waves and carried by the wind we have the windsurf school.
ASD Ogliastra Diving & Windsurfing - Via Cagliari 103 Bari sardo - P.iva 01424590915

phone 3404204725    email info@ogliastradiving.it