Welcome to our Blu! We are in Baŕ Sardo, Ogliastra, the most wild and natural part of the central east cost of Sardinia, where the blue and the green dominate. We work here all year long in a crystal sea full of wonders: during the summer we work at the main accommodation facilities by the beach and during the winter we leave from the harbor out on the sea, to a multimedia room where we do our didactic activities and to the swimming pool.
All Diving activities, from free easy trials to instructor courses, from snorkeling to diving, are run by a qualified staff. Our job was born from the deep love of nature especially for the sea, so we try to pass it with enthusiasm to all the people that come to see us, while paying attention to the needs of children and adults, and beginner or expert divers.
Come to dive to Blu Ogliastra!
GUIDED TOURS PADDLE From this year's new service: guided tours paddle.   >>
Six years with Mark Warner For the 5th year we continue our collaboration with Mark Warner.   >>
RESEARCH STAFF For the new season looking for a windsurfing instructor   >>

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ASD Ogliastra Diving & Windsurfing - Via Cagliari 103 Bari sardo - P.iva 01424590915

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